2021 Application

Puyallup Valley Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League

2021 Chapter Scholarship






Phone Number   


JACL Chapter and Membership ID


Please list all colleges/universities you have applied to for this Fall 2021, indicate the current status from the institution (accepted, denied, or pending)



School you intend to attend.

Intended Major

Please list the high schools attended (if more than one, begin with the most current and the dates attended)



Submit a copy of your transcript (a scanned photo is permissible)




JACL is an established organization that welcomes greater youth involvement. What has your involvement been in JACL and/or Asian Pacific Islander organizations (local, district and national levels). Indicate level of involvement, years of participation, positions held, and any awards received. LIMIT YOUR INVOLVEMENT TO 500 WORDS. (May attach additional page)



Communities survive, despite many obstacles, because of the people who give back to it.  While some donate their time, others may donate their talents or support the community financially.  Especially now, the Asian American community is facing a rise in Anti-Asian hate surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In what ways will you support your community? What are some ways that you have already done so? LIMIT YOUR STATEMENT TO 1000 WORDS OR LESS. (May attach additional page)



Please list all JACL scholarships, non-JACL scholarships, and academic awards that you have received.  Indicate for each, the year in which you received the award, and how each has affected your goals. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR STATEMENT TO 500 WORDS (May attach additional page)


SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND WORK HISTORY.  Please list all campus activities, indicating the years and length of activity, leadership positions held, and awards received.  Please list dates and job titles of all your work experience.  PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SUMMARY TO 500 WORDS. (May attach additional page)



COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Please list all community and Asian Pacific Islander American community involvement. Indicate years of participation, positions held, and awards received.  PLEASE LIMIT TO 500 WORDS.



JAPANESE CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Please list any Japanese and/or Asian Pacific Islander cultural activities you engage in or have engaged in. Explain the impact these activities have on your life.  PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SUMMARY TO 500 WORDS. (May attach additional page)

Japanese language

Japanese classical dance: nihon buyo

Japanese classical instruments: shamisen, koto, shakuhachi, taiko etc.

Flower arrangement: ikebana

Tea ceremony: chado

Japanese martial arts: aikido, karate, judo, kendo etc.




Attach two letters of recommendation, one from your school and one from outside your school.

 Please send applications to

Puyallup Valley JACL

c/o Eileen Yamada Lamphere

11415 SE 234th Place

Kent, WA 98031


email to 


Thank you for your interest