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Puyallup Valley Chapter JACL Project

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Our goal is to list each individual who was imprisoned at the "Puyallup Assembly Center".

Below is the working list for this project. Please take a moment to verify the information

for individuals you know. Please follow the instructions below to help us fill in any missing names and/or make any corrections. It may take a moment to load the full list.

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Do you know someone whose name should be on this list?  Please take a moment to fill out the form to the right so we can work to get them added as quickly as possible. Let us know if the information listed is incorrect or misspelled, too.

Please provide your Name and Email in the appropriate fields, and put "Missing Names" in the Subject box.

Then, please include the following information for the missing individuals in the "Message" box:

 Name (married and maiden names, if applicable)

 Birthdate (even just the year helps)

 Location in 1942

 Names of immediate family members (if known)

Success! Message received.

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