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Remembrance Gallery
"Puyallup Assembly Center"

Help us reach the completion of this project by donating today.

Donate online via our Square Site

Donate with Venmo: @PuyallupValleyJACL

Donate by check:

Send to:

Puyallup Valley JACL

P.O. Box 5323

Kent, WA 98064

Make checks payable to Puyallup Valley JACL

with the memo "Remembrance"

Tax free gifts can also be provided through Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA.  Here is a link to information from the IRS about how these work: Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you have problems or questions, please contact

Sharon Sobie Seymour at or Eileen Yamada Lamphere at

In order to donate in memory or honor of someone, please fill out the form below.
How did you make your donation?

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